Floor and Surface Protection Film for Home Remodels

20 Feb 2014

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The home remodeling market is rebounding. As business picks up and demand increases, competition becomes more intense.  As a result, your home remodeling and construction company needs to set itself apart. Referral business can be a big part of your bottom line. Keeping customers happy and homes clean can increase that referral business. You can accomplish this, in part, with surface and floor protection film.

Carpet and floor protection film keep homes clean and floors safe from damage. Dust shields protect the other rooms in the home from the dust that is created in the work area. Surface protection film and dust shields are for use during construction, remodeling and painting.

For information on construction film, surface protection film, and dust shields, contact Atlantic Poly. Some of the surface protection products we offer are below:

Carpet protection film – for use with all types of carpeting, this is a clear, self-adhering protective film that is highly resistant to tears or punctures.

Hardwood Floor protection film - Self-adhering film that protects all hard floors such as tile, vinyl, laminates, marble, granite and hardwood. It can also be used to prevent damage to tubs and counter tops.

Dust control barrier / Dust Pro Shield - Temporary walls that control dust and heat loss. This is a state –of-the-art system that is quick, simple and affordable. The plastic screening material is locked firmly against the floor and ceiling, up to 12 ft high.