Food Producers: Choosing Low-Cost American Made Product Packaging Is Smart Business

20 Feb 2023

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Atlantic Poly - Food Grade Stretch Film

Food (and other commodity producers) understand the critical role that stretch film plays in the packaging and product protection processes. A major mistake that far too many food producers make is the failure to assess the value of their annual stretch film business cost. There is a real tax on business profitability by continuing to use cheap foreign stretch film products that contribute to product loss and stains on your company’s reputation. We offer the highest quality and best value-priced American-made poly stretch film products available on the market today!

As you know, stretch films conform to the shape of the item being covered, theoretically providing a consistent and secure wrap. We use the word “theoretically” here because low-quality shrink wrap products often fail to deliver an air-tight and secure fit for the products they are assigned to protect. Yes, the choice of your shrink wrap manufacturer directly contributes to your business’ success. Our food-grade stretch film will dramatically reduce business loss and product returns. By so doing, we serve to dramatically improve your profitability, customer satisfaction, and positively contribute to your company’s reputation management.

Contact Atlantic Poly to see how you can cut your product packaging costs, improve product packaging quality, and drive your business’ profitability measurably higher.