Hand-Held Stretch Film Protects Items from Dirt and Damage During Transport – Manchester, NH

11 Mar 2015

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Stretch film in Manchester, NH is produced using low-density polyethylene so it is safe to use for bundling, handling, protecting, and stabilizing items particularly for long distance shipments. There is a wide array of stretch wrap products that you can use for the packaging needs of your business.

While you have the options to have produced clear or colored stretch film, you can further customize it for a more specialized application if your business demands or requires it. Using this kind of poly film is a cost-effective alternative to protect your pallet loads, keeping all items away from dirt and damage during transport.

Hand-held stretch film is a high-cling and puncture-resistant poly film that come in various hand-held sizes. It has superior stretch characteristics allowing it to assume many shapes, even irregular ones. It is a super tight wrap that reduces separation during shipping. This is what keeps stretch film a widely material in packaging applications for different businesses. It can also be custom-colored thereby distinguishing one product type from another. Color-coding provides ease and facility regarding inventory control.

To find out more about how you can use the hand-held stretch film, contact Atlantic Poly.