How To Pack Static Sensitive Items

19 Jul 2019

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Atlantic Poly Anti-Static Bag

Although static discharges are usually very low voltage discharges, they can significantly damage virtually any commodity packaged for shipping. Electrostatic discharge can rapidly transfer between objects. It usually takes place when materials accidentally come into another statically charged object. Utilizing anti-static bag packaging will eliminate this threat. There are many types of ant-static bag available in the market. Prior to checking out bulk orders, make sure first what exact type you need.

  • Pink anti-static bags - are the most common type. They protect items they contain by eliminating static buildup. This means certain amount of static electricity can still pass through the bag.
  • Metallic Shielding Bag - If you need a bag that can completely counter static electricity, opt for Metallic shielding bags with Faraday Cage protection. They are tough and can totally protect contents from harmful static that tries to reach inside. If you want to provide extra support for static sensitive contents, opt for metallic shielding bags with an extra layer in the middle.
  • Moisture barrier bags - this specialized bag can protect contents from ESD and moisture.

Contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. to help figure out the right anti-static bag that will work best for your ESD-sensitive products.