ID Badges for Business Security

20 May 2013

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Vinyl ID badges are becoming more and more commonplace in the workplace as our world environment changes. More and more hospitals, health care facilities, event staffing agencies, bio-tech companies, manufacturing firms and computer programing companies are requiring ID badges for their employees.
What started out in large international corporations that needed to effectively identify their different staff members has now become a need for medium sized companies and small businesses as well.

Vinyl ID badges help business owners give their staff members a secure work place that distinguishes employees from visitors and strangers. Most businesses use plastic ID holders or ID badges in order to identify their staff.

Plastic ID badges help building security keep track of people entering and exiting your building.  In most companies these plastic identification cards play an important HR role as well helping managers and business owners better keep track of employees' time and attendance as well.

At Atlantic Poly our vinyl ID badges can be made with pins or clips to attach to clothes, or they can be attached to a string to hang around your employees necks. For more information on ID badges or other vinyl pouches, contact us.