Increase Referrals with Floor Surface Protection and Dust Barriers

09 Aug 2013

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With the completion out there today, it is important that you build your reputation through everything you do..and don’t do. As a construction company, when you DON’T leave a mess, your customers love youSurface protection and dust barriers can help build your reputation and therefore your referral business. Dust is part of the deal during home remodeling, home additions, or when refinishing hardwood floors.
Remodeling projects, whether commercial or residential, bring with them stress. As a contractor, you can lower that stress by keeping the remodeling environment clean with floor and carpet protection and dust barriers. When you leave at the end of the day, and your workspace is as clean as when you arrive, you clients are happy. They tell their friends.

It is important that the sites in which you work remain clean and organized for the owners. Leaving the site useable for the owners makes a great impression and dust barriers and floor surface protection is the way to do it.

Want to increase your business? With plastic, disposable surface protection products from Atlantic Poly, you can keep your clients happy by protecting their carpets and floors.  For more information, contact us.