Low-Density, High-Quality Drum Liners Provide Protection

14 Aug 2014

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Drum liners are made of polyethylene plastic which are meant to line plastic or steel drums up to 55-gallons. They are designed for multiple applications, not just providing an extra level of safety especially when used for viscous materials. That is why they are produced in different mil thickness and gallon capacity which are now available in the market.

Both corrugated and straight-sided low-density but high-quality polyethylene drum liners are proven reliable in providing protection for liquids, pastes, and powders while they are being stored, shipped, mixed, pumped, or processed at high speed. And because these liners are environmentally friendly, they also encourage easy and safe waste disposal which is a must in every industrial and manufacturing environments, helping their users to reach sustainability goals.

Using drum liners is a cost-effective way to protect the container contents against harmful elements and external impact, preventing product contamination or any other damage. These flexible cylindrical liners are excellent for product recovery and easy insertion, making them very useful in conjunction with the bulk processing and packaging of valuable commodities such as adhesives, chemicals, coatings, colorants, daily products, dyes, foods, inks, paints, and varnishes.

The comprehensive selection of low density polyethylene drum liners are intended for general use providing superior tensile strength and maximum resistance to tears and cracks. Ensure absolute purity and protection of your products under consideration, contact Atlantic Poly.