Made In USA Poly Sheeting and Packaging

06 May 2022

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Atlantic Poly, Inc - Poly Sheeting and Packaging

Poly sheeting and packaging systems are the most used plastic products in the world. And business across the globe turn to us here at Atlantic Poly for highly affordable and custom-made poly products.

Polyethylene sheeting is a plastic film made from petroleum. It is the reason why the price of polyethylene varies depending on what oil prices are doing. The packing is in rolls where additives will be added to change the functionality of the film. And this plastic sheeting comes in a wide range of thicknesses. The thicker the virgin film, the stronger it is. Further, there are additives such as U.V. inhibitors, fire retardants, anti-static additives that are added for each variation that will best serve its intended purpose. Furthermore, it has an impact resistance which is used in boats and large containers thus in case of corrosion, the product will not be damaged. Its durability will survive a variety of environmental hazards making it superior to other packaging materials.

In the world of packaging, the elasticity of polyethylene sheets or bags makes it an ideal material specifically for food packaging, automotive industry, etc. With the above mentioned characteristics, it will make the right packaging decision, understanding its properties and applications of both materials. It will make them better suited for different products which make it a versatile packaging.

When you need high-quality poly sheeting or bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.