Most Customers Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

24 Oct 2013

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While many people debate paper or plastic, and some grocery stores are opting for reusable cloth bags, there is still a place for plastic grocery bags. Many customers are educated and informed and understand that despite the conversation, plastic bags are still the better choice. In fact, most plastic grocery bag users will reuse those same bags.

This is where branding plastic bags is a good idea. When bags are re-used your brand gets more visibility. Plastic bags are reusable and in fact, are re-used very often. Just think about your own household and how often you reuse the plastic grocery bags in your home. Plastic t-shirt bags are used for transporting items, as school lunch bags, and as easy travel bags, among other purposes.

There are many people in many households that, after choosing plastic grocery bags, will then choose to reuse them again and again. Grocery stores, clothing stores, gift shops and other retail stores use plastic bags for their customers to transport their purchases. And these same customers are using those same plastic bags in their personal lives. There are so many uses for plastic bags.

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