Packing List Envelopes and the Right Packing Materials Save Time

06 Dec 2011

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Most businesses in every industry ship products. Save time in the mail room with packing list envelopes and custom mailing envelopes. Decrease instances of lost or damaged invoices or packing lists. By using packing list envelopes your customer in the receiving end is not searching for documentation. In almost every business packing list envelopes are necessary to protect invoices, shipping lists and other important documents.

Atlantic Poly, Inc. is a New England based polyethylene supplier and national wholesale distributor of plastic packing products including:

  • Clear pouches on the Poly Packing List Envelopes allow contents to be easily read.
  • Full-face pouches keep contents confidential.
  • Pressure-sensitive envelopes attach easily and securely to the mailing containers.
  • Pressure sensitive labels adhere to most surfaces.
  • Bubble wrap and bubble wrap bags protect fragile items from breaking during shipping.
Atlantic Poly is a supplier of packing lists and envelopes of all sizes.  Special printing and optional colors are available.

If your company ships products contact Atlantic Poly.