Plastic ID Badges for Security

20 Sep 2013

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There are many industries and sectors that can make use of plastic name badge holders: students and school visitors, teachers and professors, sales representatives and company and municipal employees. Name badges can be used for security and medical clearance and in the biotech industry or companies with government contracts ID badges are a must. Plastic ID holders are also ideal for temporary workers, contractors or class trips.

Vinyl name badges keep work, government, medical and school environments safe and secure. They are reusable which cuts down on waste as well. The ID pouch is made out of vinyl with pins, clips, lanyards so they can stay attached to employees. For added convenience they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and orientations.

There is an added benefit to plastic ID badges, use them to promote your brand while you are identifying attendees, employees or staff. Secure ID cards and ID badges can ensure enhanced security and integrity of a work place or school.

For more information on vinyl ID badge holders, contact Atlantic Poly.