Plastic Packaging Materials for Sealing and Shipping Applications – Norwood, MA

20 Jun 2014

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Atlantic Poly plastic packaging materials offer a broad array of sealing and shipping applications for manufacturing, marketing, technology and more. Sealing and Shipping supplies also provide an effective means of wrapping, packing, cushioning, protecting, storing, and retailing goods.


Opening and closing packages has never been easier than with self-sealing quick zip plastic bags. This is a more convenient and cost-effective means of sealing and packaging items, particularly for retail.

Polyethylene products prevents penetration and leaks. Items can be closed off and protected by heat-shrinking or taping. Poly shrink wrap products come in several sizes and can be used with heat sealers so that they can assume the size and shape of the items wrapped.

Some of the polyethylene sealing and packaging products even have an option for personalized printing. Custom-printed polyethylene bags are convenient for sales and promotions.


For shipping applications, goods must be wrapped, protected, and packed. This prevents any damage particularly to fragile items while moving or transporting them. Shipping materials such as bubble wrap fills the void in packages for added protection against shock, vibration, and other external forces during shipping.

For keeping the shipping and receiving organized and efficient there are packing list envelopes. For more information on packing and shipping materials, contact Atlantic Poly.