Plastic Stretch Film Has More Benefits Than Just Cost Reduction

26 May 2014

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Stretch wrap film is an affordable hand-held poly film known for its clarity and high-cling properties. It commonly comes in distinct gauges and widths to fit any pallet and load profile.

Polyethylene stretch film provides versatility to wrap around items of different sizes and shapes, even those with sharp edges. Plus, it usually is combined with other protective materials to add another inexpensive layer of protection for many objects. It is also used to protect products on pallets during storage and shipment, particularly when unitizing a number of small items to store together to make one larger unit. This makes it easier to ensure the security of the unit load thereby reducing incidents of theft. Unit loads are also more convenient in order to track and detect lost goods. Unit loads are also easier to move around warehouses using forklifts, thus minimizing warehouse damage.

The best plastic stretch film reduces product loss and worker injury, as well as load tampering incidents. Apart from keeping products clean and covered, the stretch film helps improve the stability of packages forming a large load. This makes products and packages easier to handle and carry, resulting in higher labor productivity, improved inventory control, and more resistance to risk of tampering or pilferage. Its high film clarity feature also allow scan through optics to read labels printed underneath the film

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