Plastic T-Shirt Bags for Marketing Your Business

04 Nov 2013

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Did you know that you can use your plastic T-shirt bags for marketing and brand recognition? You can with branded plastic bags in white, clear, opaque or colored. Most people reuse their plastic bags, so brand your brags and get your business name out there.

Atlantic Poly’s printed T Shirt bags are very affordable and we can print your company name and logo on them. Use them to help market your business.  Plastic T-Shirt bags and other plastic bags can be made from any density film, depending on how you want to use them. Want color? No problem.<<>

Plastic T-shirt bags are the most common custom printed plastic bags. T-Shirt bags have handles and side folds and are most often reused. Because of the side folds they are designed to hold a substantial amount of weight.

Most often you will find plastic grocery bags in supermarkets and delis. They are inexpensive to begin with so custom branded can be fit into your business marketing budget.  Branded plastic bags are very economical for most businesses. Take advantage of the low cost and add your company trademark, logo, name and contact information.

T-shirt bags are rarely single-use. In fact, according to the latest statistics, they are used an average of 2-4 additional times, depending on their size and strength. Choose the size and shape you want, and choose the color you want as well. Contact Atlantic Poly for custom branded plastic bags.