Poly Bags are More Preferred than Paper Bags – Norwood, MA

26 Jun 2014

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Aside from the fact that plastic bags are recyclable, they are also reusable. Combining these two advantages of using this kind of bag can help prevent more waste to pile up at the landfill. Poly or plastic bags also use less energy in production than paper bags.

Atlantic Poly bags offer all types of plastic packaging. Plastic bags make handling and transporting of goods more convenient. Their uses are most visible in grocery and shopping stores.

Plastic bags or paper bags?

If you worry that plastic bags are harmful to the environment, think again. Plastic grocery bags are reusable and recyclable. They are better for our environment than paper bags because it takes less energy to produce, transport and store them. Additionally, they take up less space in landfills than paper. Using plastic bags will impact the environment much less than actually using paper.

Single-use paper bags use more resources in production. It takes more than four times as much energy to manufacture or reproduce a paper bag as it does to a plastic bag. Even recycling paper requires more resources than plastic. Not to mention the enormous negative impact of paper bag production on forests. Paper bags are more harmful to our earth than the plastic bags we use in groceries and stores.

Poly plastic bags also have an advantage with respect to convenience for buyers and retailers.

Recyclable and reusable poly shopping bags and plastic grocery bags are the best choice over paper bags. For more information, contact Atlantic Poly.