Poly Bubble Pack - Protect Fragile Items for Shipping

17 Jul 2020

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Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Boston, MA

Safely shipping fragile products is always a challenge. One of the very most proven effective packing materials for fragile item shipping is Atlantic Poly’s Bubble Wrap. It ensures to use multiple layers especially if the items are very delicate and requires extra protection.

To protect fragile items, it is very important to place it inside a durable box with the correct dimensions for the product being shipped and carefully wrapped in bubble wrap before placing inside the box. Bubble the wrap is one of the top choices for shipping materials worldwide. It is a light, durable, and versatile packing material. Many are satisfied with its exceedingly good function and that is keeping goods safe and secure during transit. It is an excellent insulator against impacts. Freight transits regrettably includes rough handling, bumps in the road and unfavorable transfer as such with Bubble wrap, it protects the goods. Its bubbles of sealed air provide a the flexible but durable cushion that forms a strikingly sturdy barrier against severe impact.

Another benefit of bubble wrap is that the product is completely reusable. It is therefore cost effective for both your business operations and your client’s as well. We have been a leading supplier of bubble pack solutions to Boston-area business for years now. Let us help cut your operational costs associated with a multitude of shipping challenges.

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