Poly Bubble Packs Provide Excellent Protection for Shipping or Storing Fragile Items – Hartford, CT

26 Aug 2016

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Bubble wrap and bubble pack is one of the most popular of all the packaging products. It provides excellent protection for shipping or storing fragile or breakable items.

The bubble packs are actually polyethylene resin or transparent plastic film. Air bubbles are created between two films of clear plastic. These evenly distribute air cushions and offer shock and vibration protection that are needed when fragile or breakable goods are in transit. The bubbles come in various sizes for bubble packs that will fit the size and fragility of the item to be shipped or stored. Generally, small bubble packs are used for smaller items while large bubble packs are used for larger items like furniture.

The bubble packs in Hartford, CT are inexpensive and offer several advantages. This packaging material provides unmatched protection without adding weight to the package. Also, less packaging material is needed in order to achieve enough protection for the items keeping overall costs low.

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