Poly Garment Bags Are The Most Practical Way to Protect Clothes and Outerwear – Manchester, NH

18 Sep 2015

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The best quality poly garment bags in Manchester, NH are now on the market. The garment bags supplied by Atlantic Poly provide the most economical way to protect clothes and outerwear when being stored or shipped. They are thin and light so they save material during production yet offer the right protection. In addition to being inexpensive, they are also resistant to water and chemicals.

Plastic garment bags are produced using ultra-thin yet super strong linear low density polyethylene material. These bags come with preslit hanger holes and contoured shoulders that fit all standard hangers. There are also variations that can be designed with generous side gussets for safe-keeping of multiple or bulky garments.

Because of the coverage and protection that poly garment bags provide for any size and style garments, they are widely used among dry cleaners, retail stores, and laundry companies. These laundry and dry cleaning plastic bags covers dresses, gowns, suits, slacks, and other clothing or sewn goods to protect them from dirt or damage while in storage, on display, or when being transported.

Garment poly bags have several uses in various clothing related industries. Options for customization are available for garment bags that will fit the specific requirements of your business. For more information, contact Atlantic Poly.