Poly Garment Bags Protect Clothes when Stored, Shipped, or Displayed – Virginia Beach, VA

10 Nov 2015

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Poly garment bags in Virginia Beach, VA, also known as plastic garment bags or garment poly bags, have various uses for different industries. These bags are made for the purpose of protecting all clothes against dust, weather or other elements that could stain or damage them. They are designed with sloped shoulders on top and pre-slit hanger hole for easy handling and storage. They can even have side gussets to make room for more than one garment per bag.

In the apparel and sewn goods industries, every shirt, blouse, dress, tuxedo, or coat is transported in a plastic garment bag for protection during shipment. Even when on display, some of these sewn goods may also be placed on a mannequin and covered by a poly bag to keep any dirt or dust away.

Whilepoly garment bags are ultra-thin, they still provide the right protection for the garments you sell, ship and store. In addition to benefiting from the inexpensive packaging, you also do not have to worry that these garment bags will add to the weight of the package because while they are very strong, they are very light.

These garment bags, made out of linear low density polyethylene material, can also be custom-printed to carry your logo or brand name, which makes these bags an effective way to increase brand awareness. To find out more, contact Atlantic Poly.


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We have a dedicated quote fax number: 781-769-5722. We have the largest inventory of stock poly bags in the northeast. Stock orders can be shipped within 24 hours. Atlantic Poly specializes in hard to find sizes and special applications. Ask about our Drop-Ship and Just-in-Time delivery programs. Imprinting up to six colors and 4 color process printing available. Ask about package design assistance for special projects.

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