Poly Tubing Impulse Sealers: Like a Product Liability Insurance Policy

24 Sep 2021

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With increasing advancement in poly packaging technology, consumers are developing increasingly high expectations for product visibility and protection. Increasingly, consumers demand packaging instructions and/or suffocation warnings that will inform educate distributors and end users alike regarding product liability risks. Poly tubing impulse sealer meets these standards that qualifies the extra handling of products ensuring that once sealed by impulse sealer it is permanently sealed and it will only be broken by cutting it open later or ripping it open for consumption or use.

With impulse sealer it is an added attraction that ensures the public of the necessary health warnings once the products are sealed. Furthermore, the sealing materials used in the impulse sealer machines are programmed for different materials, temperatures and sealing times. Indeed impulse sealers are valuable additions to any product line that uses poly bags or packaging in ensuring a safe permanent sealing.

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