Polyethylene Agricultural Film For Better Crop Protection

09 Aug 2019

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Atlantic Poly Polyethylene Sheets in Hartford, CT

If you are in the farming industry, you know the importance of using polyethylene agricultural film. These are protective films specially made for agricultural use. Poly sheets provides protection to crops from environmental elements that cause damage and impede normal growth.

Polyethylene agricultural sheets are applied in the greenhouse. It helps to control weed, soil moisture, and temperature for better crop quality and yield. Organic farming benefit much on these biodegradable poly films for they can protect the plants from weeds as it helps condition the soil for crop cultivation without using herbicide. In addition, poly agricultural sheets are the material of choice by many farmers and growers for they are durable and convenient to use. On top of it, they are affordable and practical protective solution for large crop fields.

Agricultural poly sheets in Boston, MA provides simple, versatile and inexpensive protection for plants and crops. If you are seeking for quality agricultural poly sheets that comes in variety sizes and gauges, contact Atlantic Poly. We can help you find the right size to best serve your agricultural application.