Polyethylene Bubble Wrap is an Air Cushion Film that Packs and Protects Delicate Items - Providence, RI

11 Nov 2014

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Polyethylene bubble pack provides the needed cushioning through beads that are about the size of small peas. Because of these beads or bubbles, valuable and fragile items are protected against damages from abrasion, vibration, or shock with this protective packaging. In short, this polyethylene is used as a supporting material for packaging and storing delicate items.

While often being used as a packaging material for electronics equipment, polyethylene bubble wrap in Providence, RI can now be custom-designed to serve its purpose for food packaging. The bubble pack is safe to use because it is regarded as biologically inert and fully recyclable. Considering that it can closely adhere to the shape of any item being covered, bubble wrap can be used in many different applications, not just for long distance shipment.

Bubble wrap is considered an air cushion film. Variants can be made available to address common needs and they can be distinguished based on the colors of the material. For instance, pink bubble wrap is an anti-static version, green refers to those made of recycled plastic while the white is at least 70% pure polyethylene resin.

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