Polyethylene Bubble Wrap is Convenient for Long Distance Shipping, and Other Packaging Applications – Worcester, MA

05 Mar 2015

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Polyethylene bubble wrap and bubble bags in Worcester, MA help businesses handle, ship and store fragile or sensitive items safe and damage-free. Bubble wrap is so versatile that they have various applications for many industries.

Poly bubble wrap is considered one of the most widely used plastic packaging products for business applications. It is made up of pea-sized beads that are strategically arranged to effectively provide air cushioning to protect delicate items during shipments. In fact, they serve as a supporting material for packing and storing products that are prone to breakage and other damages caused by abrasion, shock, or vibration.

Plastic bubble pack can be customized to match all of the requirements specific to your business. While it is often used in packing electronic gadgets and components, they also make great packaging material for handling and storing all types of fragile items. Apart from being biologically inert and fully recyclable, bubble wrap is flexible enough to assume the shape of the item it is protecting.

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