Polyethylene Bubble Wrap Provides Light-Weight Cushion for Fragile Shipments – Newton, MA

06 May 2015

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Polyethylene bubble wrap and bubble bags in Newton, MA provide protection for your products against shock and abrasion especially when shipping over long distances. Using these polyethylene products in your business shows responsibility and care for your customers by taking care of their newly purchased fragile merchandise.

Poly bubble wrap is manufactured using high quality materials to ensure that it serves its purpose in protecting fragile and expensive items without adding to the weight of the shipment. Plastic bubble wrap packaging material is intentionally made lighter so that you will to save much money on your shipping costs while protecting the items within.

Plastic bubble pack is manufactured with extra-thin layers of low density polyethylene. This allows it to provide an efficient cushioning wrap that has better tensile strength and puncture resistance which helps in eliminating air seepage and item damage during shipment. This guarantees that all products will be delivered to their intended locations in perfect condition. So, aside from a great savings on your packaging and shipping expenses, you will also develop a reputation from your clients who have been satisfied by your products and services.

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