Polyethylene Plastic Shrouds: Affordable Contaminant Control Solutions

09 Oct 2020

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Poly Plastic Shrouds, Customized Plastic Shrouds, Pallet Wrap, MA

Do you have equipment or end-products that mut be precisely protected from contaminants? Poly shrouds are the closes thing to establishing a clean-room like operation without the ridiculous expensive associated with establishing and managing clean rooms.

Our flexible plastic shrouds can be customized to cover objects of any shape and size. It's a perfect material that can offer full coverage for various items no matter the width, length, and height. They are also formfitting, thus, can be adjusted to stretch and conform to items' shape better. Plus, it can be tightened for a better safety shield. Indeed, it's a perfect packaging option for products with irregular shapes.

Since it can be customized, polyethylene plastic shrouds can come colored or simply clear plastics to tailor your distinct application. You may also imprint texts, graphics or logo on the shroud for advertising purposes. This makes poly shrouds a dual purpose packaging material as it can serve as a promotional tool while providing protection to your product.

For more information about poly shrouds and other polyethylene products you can use in your business, contact the Atlantic Poly.