Polyethylene Plastic Shrouds Provide Custom Packaging at an Affordable Price – Providence, RI

19 Feb 2015

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Today, packaging materials that can offer a higher level of durability and security are in higher demand in the market. This is why polyethylene plastic shrouds are produced with these requirements in mind.

Custom-made poly shrouds are used to wrap any size of objects, regardless of their size, height or width. These specialty plastic shrouds guarantee premium protection for products or packages. Shrouds are poly covers that are carefully vacuum sealed and trimmed to provide the perfect barrier against damage even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Poly plastic shrouds in Providence, RI can be custom-made to perfectly fit even the largest objects. They can also be manufactured to have low-density or anti-static features, depending on the application specific to your thriving business. In addition to being versatile and having different dimensions based on the objects they will cover, plastic shrouds can also be translucent, colored, black or white for added security. They can also be custom-printed to complement your marketing efforts.

To have poly shroud sand covers that are designed to meet the level of protection required in your business, contact Atlantic Poly.