Polyethylene Plastic Tape are More Efficient for Shippers and Recipients – Canton, MA

25 Sep 2015

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The polyethylene plastic tapes in Canton, MA do more than just spotlight your company, products, and logo during shipping. Plastic tapes are versatile and attractive and come in various sizes and shades which allow your company to make an impact when shipping products to your customers. You no longer need to carry a large inventory of various printed boxes. Now your business can use plain inexpensive boxes with different customized tape for identification and other purposes.

Custom-printed poly tapes instantly identify the content of boxes for proper handling and storage especially when being transported over long distances. In fact, they carry special instructions such as “handle with care” and “open this end” as well as warning messages such as “fragile” and “glass.” All of these options help safeguard the items inside the packages during transit. They also greatly help in reducing pilferage because they cannot be detached and resealed without detection, warning the recipient to not accept merchandise if the seal is broken.

Polyethylene plastic tapes also aid in tracking delays or lost shipments because the poly tapes bears important details that make the packages easily identifiable. Using these customized tapes also create good will. Clients will be grateful knowing that you have done everything possible to protect their orders, which creates a favorable impression and reputation for your company.

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