Polyethylene Plastic Tape can be Custom-Printed for Handlers and Recipients – Boston, MA

16 Oct 2015

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Printed custom tapes are not exclusively for office use. You can have polyethylene plastic tapes customized to carry your brand name and contact details. But your options for customization are not unlimited. In fact, poly tape can bear specific messages such as warnings or holiday greetings. Your valued customers will be delighted when they see their packages are not only properly sealed but also have custom tape that is printed with messages that show your company’s concern and care.

Polyethylene plastic tapes in Boston, MA are widely used for packing items for delivery. They also help ensure that packages are safely sealed from the time they leave your facility until they reach their destination. With digital printing, plastic tape can perfectly highlight brand names, company logos, and slogans. They are also very helpful for packages that require special handling; FRAGILE, WARNING, or DO NOT ACCEPT IF SEAL IS BROKEN can be printed on them to safeguard the boxes during transit.

To find out more about polyethylene plastic tape, contact Atlantic Poly.