Polyethylene Plastic Tape Does more than just Seal Boxes With Fragile Items – Hartford, CT

15 Jan 2016

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Polyethylene plastic tapes does more than just seal boxes. Plastic tape can help spread brand awareness and can convey warning messages which is why many businesses choose to take advantage of this highly functional way to seal packages. Poly tape has many options for customization.

Poly tapes come with an aggressive adhesive that seals your package better than most other sealing options. You can be confident that the boxes used to ship and store items for your business are closed and sealed during transport or storage.

Polyethylene plastic tape in Hartford, CT have grown in demand because of their versatility and affordability. They can be customized for a reasonable price to contain warning messages such as FRAGILE or HAZARDOUS so that those handling the boxes will know how to treat the boxes and the items within. Poly plastic tape can also be custom-printed to bear your company logo or business name.

To find out more about customizing polyethylene plastic tapes based on the specific needs of your business, contact Atlantic Poly.