Polyethylene Plastic Tape Take Care of Packaging Needs that are Unique to Your Business – Boston, MA

29 Feb 2016

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Polyethylene plastic tape can be customized to fit many different applications. Whether you need a masking tape, plastic sealing tape, non-asphaltic sealing tape, clear paper tape, glass filament tape, or any kind of poly tape, you will be able to find the specific tape that fits the packaging needs of any packaging application unique to your business.

Poly tape has many advantages in packaging. It is tough tape because it has a highly aggressive adhesive that will even bond to other polyethylene film, unlike other low-grade tapes. The backing is also solvent resistant, giving it more durability than other tape. There are also variants of poly tapes that can be stretched in order to conform well to irregular shapes or surfaces.

Polyethylene plastic tape in Boston, MA is available in many different colors and opacity. It can even be custom-printed for branding or product warnings. This heavy-duty poly tape comes in various sizes that make packaging more convenient. In addition to being easy to apply, polyethylene plastic tape is also guaranteed to seal effectively.

To find out more about your options for polyethylene plastic tape that can cater to your specific packaging needs, contact Atlantic Poly