Polyethylene Sheet Packaging: The Versatility in Plastic Protection

25 Feb 2020

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Atlantic Poly tubing in Boston, MA

Polyethylene sheet packaging is one of the most important contributors in offering plastic protection. It also offers a big role in protecting food from spoiling. It is known that food waste has a serious higher environmental impact compared to packaging waste. Other uses of polyethylene sheet are commonly used in construction and it covers building materials. Such there are many variations of the polyethylene sheet (film) depending on each one designed for a specific purpose.

The versatility of plastic or polyethylene packaging covers several significant functions in our modern lives:

Protection – Since it is used in the packaging, it protect vulnerable products from damage during transit and from contamination or damage due to moisture, humidity, insects, etc.

Preservation – Plastic packaging allows food to travel farther distances, stay longer on the shelves, and ensures that large amounts of food do not go to waste. Plastic films preserves products for longer period of time as such it reduces waste and giving people more time to use before it expires. Also with packaging film it prevents waste or spillage is avoided.

Lastly, with the use plastic packaging the important information such are nutritional content or expiration etc. is displayed on the packaging.

Plastics or polyethylene sheet are the ideal packaging material for a variety of modern uses. Without plastic packaging to serve all these needs, it will be very difficult and impossible to transport and utilize a wide range of products people depends on every day.

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