Polyethylene Shipping Materials can be Customized to Meet the Needs of Your Business – Virginia Beach, VA

09 Dec 2014

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The use of polyethylene products in Virginia Beach, VA is vast and includes shipping materials that can surpass the most stringent requirements when transporting goods. Many plastic products can be customized to match your specific needs including anti-static or tinted material.

Polyethylene products include custom mailing envelopes which are used to protect important documents like invoices. These pressure-sensitive envelopes play a vital role especially when confidentiality is of concern during shipment. Special mailing envelope printing and optional colors are available to ensure that you have the right polyethylene envelope for your transaction.

Polyethylene products also include pressure sensitive labels and poly tapes that adhere to most surfaces and seal effectively when shipping valuable items. There are also shipping products like bubble packs that offer outstanding protection from elements that may cause damage to the fragile items. The plastic bubble wrap keeps items protected and contained by providing additional cushioning. Bubble wrap can also be customized in either bags or rolls or in a variety of sizes and weight depending on the need of the application.

If you want to customize plastic packaging and shipping materials to meet the shipping needs of your business, contact the Atlantic Poly.