Polyethylene Stretch Film has Elastic Properties that Keep Wrapped Items Tightly Bound and Well-Protected – Canton, MA

20 Nov 2015

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Stretch film in Canton, MA is a highly stretchable plastic film made from linear low-density polyethylene, or plastic. It wraps around items which need to be packed, stored, or shipped. The elastic properties keep the items tightly bound and well-protected especially during shipment and storage.

Polyethylene stretch film is commonly used to wrap products or hold boxes together on pallets for transportation. Because the products stay intact during shipment, stretch film is a packaging material that helps minimize product loss, prevent load tampering, and reduce worker injury. Stretch film is thin, yet strong so it does not add weight to pallets that need to be shipped or stored on shelves. Despite its thinness, stretch film can provide a high level of protection to wrapped products.

Stretch film is available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and types. This polyethylene packaging material can also be custom-printed with the business brand, name, logo, or warning messages such as “fragile” or “please handle with care”. Using stretch film instead of boxes also helps significantly reduce solid waste. In addition to being environmentally safe and readily recyclable, stretch film also does not contain toxic compounds or produce hazardous by-products.

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