Polyethylene Stretch Film is Versatile for Any Packaging Application – Providence, RI

17 Aug 2015

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Polyethylene stretch film plays an important role in the world of packaging. It is a versatile film that makes storing, displaying, delivering, and transporting items more convenient which is why many industries are wrapping their products using stretch film every day.

Palletized boxes are the most common and easily recognized application of stretch film in Providence, RI. But film wrap can be used for other sorts of packaging as well. Buckets of paint, delicate liquids, and dry goods can make use of heavier gauged stretch film. Beer and soda producers also use stretch film through high speed machines for ease in wrapping beverage pallet loads. In the world of electronics, a special stretch film which is lighter gauged and anti-static is a great option for keeping electronic parts and wires secure, safe and in-place.

Stretch film is also helpful to companies in the retail and wholesale. Food products and dry goods are often palletized or bundled before being transported. It is also perfect for packing fruits and vegetables for shipping and for display. Stretch film allows for easy viewing ins the packaging.

If you currently have product wrapping needs, contact Atlantic Poly about stretch film.