Polyethylene Stretch Film Provides Surface Protection and Security- Providence, RI

09 Oct 2014

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Using polyethylene stretch film is one of the most cost-effective methods of protecting products. By bundling, this protection helps minimize the damage caused both in the warehouse and in transit. Very often, items are prone to damage during storage and distribution. There are now two variations of stretch film from which to choose: machine-wrap stretch film and hand-held stretch film.

Polyethylene stretch film in Providence, RI meets or exceeds the specific requirements of several stretch film applications. It has a wide range of distinct gauges and widths to suit any load and pallet profile. Another benefit of stretch film is its versatility to wrap distinct sizes and shapes, it can even allow the wrapping and handling of items with sharp edges.

Today, packaging applications are even more demanding. However, advances in polyethylene stretch film means that it can now cope with the added demand and still continue to be an economical packaging solution. Stretch film has continued to offer ease and facility in managing and controlling inventory, particularly when unitizing a number of small items to make one larger unit. This also makes numerous smaller items easier to carry, store, inventory, and transport. Stretch film also provides an additional inexpensive layer of protection for numerous palletized items ready for shipment or delivery, cutting down on the use and cost of multiple packaging materials. Film is widely used because of its high-cling and transparent properties that are helpful in protecting product labels and codes, which can still be scanned through optics.

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