Polyethylene Stretch Film – Useful in Product Shipment and Periodic Inventory – Boston, MA

13 Jul 2015

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The stretch film in Boston, MA is made from ​a ​low-density polyethylene thereby guaranteeing safety when used in ​most application​s​. This film is effective and versatile when it comes to bundling, handling, protecting, and stabilizing items​,​ particularly in long distance shipment​s​.

The stretch film come​s​ in various sizes and types so that it can meet the packaging requirements that are specific to your business. Aside from this​,​ poly film stretches and assumes the shape of the items being packed​.​ ​It​ also has the strength that helps ​ensure items stay intact until they reach their final destination.

The polyethylene stretch film does not tear apart when it is used ​for ​wrapping different items, ​or ​covering and protecting them against damage, dirt, and other debris. So whether you use the film during shipping or when just storing items, there is no doubt that the high quality of the items will be maintained. Additionally, the stretch film is often transparent to keep items visible which makes it ideal for inventory purposes. But if your business requires it to have a different hue, it can be custom-colored to provide ease and facility specifically during periodic inventory.

To find out more about stretch film and other polyethylene packaging products, contact the Atlantic Poly.​