Polyethylene Tape – for Better Packaging and Surface Protection – Providence, RI

17 Apr 2015

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Polyethylene tape in Providence, RI has a unique combination of benefits that make it ideal for several applications. It is available in different thicknesses, tensile strength, standard colors, widths and elongation that can be even further customized so that you can get the type of tape that matches all the requirements specific to your business needs.

High tack polyethylene tape is versatile so it can be used in both permanent and temporary protective applications. Its specialized adhesive systems and strong backings allow for clean removability. Its surface has excellent abrasion resistant and corrosion protection. Its high flexibility, conformity, adhesion, compatibility to various surfaces, and other features make a polyethylene tape an ideal alternative for a wide range of industries.

Apart from its typical purposes, poly tape can also be used in tough impact wear or sliding applications. It can even work as a protective surface against extreme wear. Because it can be self-lubricating, it is often used in masking and protecting of surfaces where lubrication is not possible because of contamination.

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