Polyethylene Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Bags Keep Ferrous and Non- Ferrous Metal Surfaces Rust-Free – Manchester, NH

10 Feb 2015

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Polyethylene vapor inhibitor bags in Manchester, NH are used to handle items that are prone to corrosion. The film of these bags creates an invisible barrier that keeps moisture at bay and counteracts the corrosive effects of other pollutants so the items enclosed stay rust-free.

A full range of corrosion inhibitors are available and affordable from Atlantic Poly to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Vapor corrosion inhibitor bags are considered a breakthrough solution when it comes to rust and corrosion prevention. These polyethylene bags provide excellent, multi-layer protection for the metal surfaces of certain objects. They do not contain nitrates or other harmful chemicals so they can serve their purpose without harming the environment. These non-toxic packaging products completely seal surfaces as well as other void areas for more comprehensive coverage.

As a product protection innovation, these poly bags have eliminated the need for costly greasing and degreasing of metals. Conventional oil coating or other inhibiting products are laborious to clean-up and labor intensive to apply, which is why vapor phase corrosion inhibitors that require no surface preparation before application are more widely used. This means that you can save money and time with vapor inhibitor bags.

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