Pressure-Sensitive Labels for Commodity Identification

13 May 2020

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Atlantic Poly Pressure-Sensitive Labels Boston, MA

Pressure-sensitive labels are decals or stickers you found attached to the widest range of commodity products. They serve as a product identifier and provide details about the product. Common product applications are bottled or canned goods, toys, medical devices, mailing corrugated boxes, and the list goes on.

If you look at them closely, you'll see that pressure-sensitive labels are made up of multiple layers: the liner, the adhesive, the face stock, and finally, the topcoat or laminate. Each layer performs different functions.


The liner is a web film that serves as the backing material. The film can be a semi-bleached paper, a craft paper, or a much tougher clear film. A special coat is applied to the liner so it will be easier to take off the label regardless of how tough the adhesive used.


The face stock is the primary component of the label. The material options range from a paper, a film to a metallic foil. This is where the ink is pressed. A topcoat or a laminate can be put in place as a protective layer of the artwork.


It is the layer where a tough glue is applied so it can stick to any surface. The adhesives are already applied during the manufacturing so the sheet or roll of labels is ready to use once received by the customer.

Atlantic Poly manufactures 365 different types of Polyethylene Pressure-Sensitive Labels. We only use special types of adhesive so the labels will adhere to most surfaces. Most Wholesale Polyethylene Labels and Wholesale Poly Labels ship within 48 hours. As a Pressure Sensitive Label Supplier, we offer 500 labels per roll. Call Atlantic Poly, Inc. for custom pressure-sensitive labels.