Printed Poly Bags can be Custom-Designed to Adhere to the Marketing Efforts of Your Business – Providence, RI

01 Dec 2014

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Polyethylene bags in Providence, RI offer a multitude of benefits to your thriving business. Not only do they qualify for environmental standards but also to your specific business requirements.

Aside from being available in different gauges, shape, and sizes, polyethylene bags can be customized with your printed designs that accommodate the marketing efforts of your business. Because of this, poly bags can be considered a cost-effective promotional tool. They are portable to serve as a walking advertisement whenever they are used by you or your customers.

Printed poly bagscan be custom made to your exact specifications. You can add your company’s existing logo, tag line, or company information. There are many design options to convey your unique message, promote your brand, or make your products stand out from the rest.

Branded plastic bags have undergone a series of inspections for quality assurance. Since they meet the specifications of the FDA and USDA, they are considered safe for many applications including healthcare and food handling.

For more details about the uses of printed poly bags, contact Atlantic Poly.