Protect Electronic Devices From ESD Damages Using Anti Static Poly Bags

12 Oct 2018

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Atlantic Poly Anti-Static Bag

Electronic devices are sensitive to damages, especially when they come in contact with other items that emit electrostatic discharge. When storing or shipping these items, anti-static bags are used to secure and clinch static sensitive contents.

Anti-static bags in Wilmington, MA come in two variants. The pink variant warn handlers that it contains static sensitive items. These bags are an economical way to mitigate the danger of static buildup in scenarios that do not necessitate faraday cage protection. On the other hand, metallic static shielding bags are tough and laminated with faraday cage protection. They are intended for highly sensitive applications that require maximum visibility. The inner layer can keep static from being produced within the bag while the metallic outside layer protects the contents from external source of static.

These bags provide static protection that is affordable. So whether your business involves storing or shipping electronic devices, anti-static polyethylene bags can provide the protection needed from internal and external sources of static electricity. Static can make your electronic devices and components defective because of the contact with electrostatic discharge.

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