Quick Zip Poly Bags can be Used in Large-Scale Applications Like Food Retail – Hartford, CT

03 Jun 2016

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Polyethylene packaging products are available in many different types. One style plastic bag comes with a zip top closure that is resealable. Move the zipper on the quick zip poly bags to put the items inside and seal them when needed.

Quick zip poly bags in Hartford, CT can be customized in various sizes, colors, thicknesses, and opacities. So businesses can order the right quick zip plastic bags for each unique business application. As a matter of fact, they can be custom-printed with the company logo, warning signs, manufacture and expiration dates, control numbers and more.

The plastic ziplock bags can also be used in larger scale business across various industries. For instance, poly bags can be used in food retail to provide freshness of food. Because they are most often transparent, poly bags allow customers to see what is inside helping them decide on a purchase.

To find out more about the applications of quick zip poly bags, contact Atlantic Poly.