Quick Zip Poly Bags can have Printed Labels, Hanger Holes, and Dispenser Boxes for Proper Storage and Display– Boston, MA

10 Dec 2015

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Plastic ziplock bags are some of the most useful polyethylene packaging products on the market. They are safe to use to keep goods fresh, tender, and moist at all times. These resealable plastic bags actually have enough durability to hold quarts or gallons of meat, soup, vegetables, and more. Quick zip poly bags also help minimize waste while supplying customers with wholesome, flavorful ingredients.

In addition to being resealable and durable, quick zip poly bags in Boston, MA can also be customized based on the specific needs of your application. They can be custom-printed to bear your company name and logo; or they can come with labels such as expiration dates or other warnings for more efficient identification of the fresh goods stored within. There are even plastic ziplock bags that come with dispenser boxes for easy use. These poly bags can be manufactured with hanger holes for use to show off and sell pre-portioned bags of spices or other products.

Quick zip poly bags come in various sizes and shades to cater to any storage solution your business may need for spices, ingredients, and other fresh goods. Whether you need to store light or dense goods, you will be able to choose the best quick zip poly bags for your specific application because they come in standard and heavy weight options at Atlantic Poly.

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We have a dedicated quote fax number: 781-769-5722. We have the largest inventory of stock poly bags in the northeast. Stock orders can be shipped within 24 hours. Atlantic Poly specializes in hard to find sizes and special applications. Ask about our Drop-Ship and Just-in-Time delivery programs. Imprinting up to six colors and 4 color process printing available. Ask about package design assistance for special projects.

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