Quick Zip Poly Bags for Frozen Food Packaging Done Right – Boston, MA

03 Feb 2017

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Durability, safety, strength, and versatility are just a few of the many qualities of low-density quick zip poly bags in Boston, MA. Using these poly bags in retail and food service means that fresh and frozen food packaging will be done right and safely. Many food manufacturing businesses and retailers only use these zip plastic bags for both storage and sale.

Frozen and fresh food does not usually require additional packaging for protection because these plastic zip bags are enough to protect them from damage during transport, display, and storage. This explains why the food industry has traditionally relied on this inexpensive packaging. However, now more and more manufacturers are discovering the benefits and advantages of using quick zip poly bags.

Plastic ziplock bags provide flexible food packaging that is available in different sizes. Additionally, these resealable food bags can also be custom-printed with the brand, name, and logo as well as other useful information such as cooking instructions.

To find out more about quick zip poly bags, contact Atlantic Poly.