Quick Zip Poly Bags have Zipper Type Seals that Ensures Safe Product Handling and Effortless Identification and Storage – Hartford, CT

10 Aug 2015

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Both the lightweight and heavyweight quick zip poly bags in Hartford, CT are versatile enough to be used in various businesses in different industries . In fact, these poly bags are FDA- and USDA- approved so they are applicable even in storing food and in keeping it fresh and uncontaminated.

Quick zip poly bags can be further customized with hanger holes that make them more convenient for display racks. Your brand name, company logo, and other important details can be added to the bag so they can also be a promotional tool while serving their main purpose. While most of the quick zip poly bags you see are clear, low-density polyethylene bags that helps to easily identify the contents, they can also be manufactured in other colors for effortless sorting.

Plastic ziplock bags are measured by their inside usable dimensions. If you need bigger or smaller sizes, they can be further customized in order to cater to the specific packaging requirements of your business. The zipper-type seal makes these poly bags simple to open and close. In addition to being made for repeated use, you will no longer need staples, ties, or tape to seal your package.

To find out more about the benefits in storing and handling delicate items with the use of quick zip polyethylene bags, contact Atlantic Poly.