Quick Zip Poly Bags – Polyethylene Products that are Best for Packing Perishable or Delicate Goods - Providence, RI

22 Jun 2015

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Polyethylene bags in Providence, RI can now be custom-engineered to have a quick-zip locking seal. This sealing feature makes these plastic bags ideal for packaging applications where protection against contaminants and other harmful elements is absolutely required in order to maintain a certain quality such as freshness in food products. This seal lock holds firmly which help largely in keeping moisture and dirt out.

Quick zip poly bags are standard resealable polyethylene bags that are known for their airtight, zipper-type seal. You no longer have to use heat sealers, ties, tapes, nor staples just to close a package. In addition, they also meet FDA and USDA specifications for food so these plastic zip seal bags can be used to store food for future consumption or for retail purposes. Also, when doing inventory these sealing bags provide a more convenient way to identify and organize.

The use of plastic ziplock bags is very popular because of the ease and facility they provide in applications such as storing perishable goods, shipping delicate products, or selling lightweight items. Although these polybags are clear, they can be customized for visual appeal with a distinct tint or with a brand name and logo.

To find out more about your options in quick zip poly bags, contact Atlantic Poly.