Quick Zip Poly Bags: Value Commodity Packaging Options for the Holidays

11 Nov 2022

Posted by

Atlantic Poly, Inc

Poly packaging offers a transparent and secure grip seal that is highly robust and reusable. These products are eco-friendly and a cost-effective packaging solution. They are celebrated for having an easy grip seal which are easily set to the closed position by simply applying pressure to either side of the grip. It is this type of packaging which is an ideal fit for gift packaging and product packaging.

The secret of these quick zip bags is the simple squeeze and pull apart top that enables these handy bags to be used again and again. These grip seal bags are easy to open and user-friendly, thanks to one side of the header being slightly higher than the other. It is recyclable once ready to be disposed of. These bags provide the solution for the safe storage of some electronics and toiletries to weighty foods and medicines. It showcases a range of products from confectionary to toiletries, stationery to cosmetics and a lot more. The most popular choice of grip seal bags, or quick zip bags are for food storage. It has a wide range of sizes which means that they are suitable for a host of food products. Specifically, it is commonly used for food and medical certification, making them the perfect solution for the storage of a wide range of foodstuffs or for medical purposes.

One of the advantages of these quick zip bags is being resealable stand-up pouches. With a strong grip seal and are self-standing on shelf they are ideal to showcase food products, as well as bath salts, spices, and many more. Overall, the versatility of quick zip bags is enormous. In addition, this feature makes bags suitable for electronics, police evidence bags, pharmaceuticals, to name a few.

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