Roll-off Dumpster Liners for Waste Disposal and Custom Applications - Boston

21 Aug 2014

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Roll-off dumpster liners make waste disposal easier as they aid in transporting bulk solids, scraps, and sludge safely and securely. These liners are easy to install from the inside and extend over the top and sides to prolong the life and reduce the amount of maintenance to the container.

Roll-off dumpster liners guarantee proper container fit and come in standard stock sizes. However, in order to address specific requirements and unique applications, they can also be customized to meet your specific requirements particularly in stock size and mil thickness.

These polyethylene dumpster liners are made of a mixture of new and recycled polyethylene for added leak-protection and tear-resistance, and reduced washout costs. They are disposable and meet environmental standards. Roll off dumpster liners seal outside the container to improve leak protection and can be designed with a top load cover to aid in controlling dust, freezing, and odor. For all these reasons, roll-off dumpster liners are used in dump trucks, boxes, railroad gondolas, roll-off containers, and other custom requests and applications.

Form-fitted roll-off dumpster liners are guaranteed to be high-quality to ensure dependability and customer satisfaction. In fact, the polyethylene plastic used to produce these liners is naturally highly resistant to chemicals. This means that they can be used to store harmful materials in a way that will protect the dumpster and prevent contamination.

Roll-off dumpster liners can be used in numerous applications as they facilitate fast installation and quick cleanup. For more details regarding these dumpster liners, contact Atlantic Poly.