Roll Off Dumpster Liners Protect People and the Environment

06 Sep 2013

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Basically, dumpster liners are massive garbage bags. Of course they are a bit more complicated than that, they differ in size, color, thickness and uses. Different companies have different needs that demand different dumpster liner requirements.

Dumpster liners are the easiest most versatile solution for every industry in order to provide an extra level of protection for hazardous waste or to just better contain waste.  Concrete companies, asbestos abatement companies, environmental service companies and many more rely on roll-off dumpster liners to contain materials which may be harmful to people or the environment.

Roll-off dumpster liners have many purposes. Mainly they offer protections against damaging spills, seepage and overflow. The dumpster liners shorten clean up time by keeping waste more easily contained.

Because dumpster liners act as a barrier between a dumpster and its contents, they must need to be made in various gauges to maintain integrity and protect from contamination. Dumpster liners also reduce potential leakage, lower wash-out costs and increase dumpster longevity.  They are naturally resistant to water, oil, grease, and most chemicals, and they are designed to resist punctures, tears and abrasions.  For a quote, contact Atlantic Poly.