SHRINK FILM: For Versatile and Strong Product Packaging

09 Jan 2021

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Atlantic Poly - Shrink Film

Shrink wrap film is the most in-demand packaging product for wrapping food, gift baskets, boxes, toys, books, etc. This is because it builds strength in packaging and clings to the items and does not require any force to stretch. It has superb clarity and very accurate tear-resistance. With just a roll of shrink film and a heating source, it completes the standard secured quality of being water-resistant, protects the product during adverse weather conditions, and tamper-resistant.

There are enormous benefits of Shrink wrap film. On top of all, it protects and preserves the product of this packaging film. Because of its puncture resistance, it handles the items from sharp edges and reduces the chance of damages to the product during shipment. Worth mentioning, the shrink film increases the shelf life of perishable items. Further with shrink film it adds and improves the visual appeal of the product packaging. Not only does it add various colors and designs to wrap the products but also add more style and with the nutritional information on the package it encourages and catches more attention from buyers.

The beneficial impact of Shrink film is its flexibility and strength that is developed in the packaging. Further, the usability of this film makes it an ideal option because it is being customized to the product being wrapped. The much-desired visibility on the packaging gains more impact more so its protective hold on the product meets customer standards.

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